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High-quality studio version of the song Elegy of Despair that Hino Satoshi sings (the voice actor for Noiz from Dramatical Murder), that he can be seen singing in this video.

It took me forever to find this, hope you guys enjoy.

Not from DMMD, but I figured it was good to post here since it’s Noiz’s seiyuu. Also, just the fact that this particular song is hard to find in studio quality.

Oh, and I’m gonna post the lyrics under the cut. Just imagine Noiz actually singing it and let your heart get wrenched out.

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if you ever try to befriend me and you expect to be in frequent contact with me i am so sorry. i do that with maybe two people and even then i often go days or weeks withouts saying anything before talking daily for a while. 

the point is if we dont talk that doesnt mean i dont like u and think about u a lot im just terrible at maintaining close relationships






Just look at this dork. Look at how happy he is.

He’s straying into Ryuk levels of excitement here. XD

So I actually thought of a more innocent type character—like Clear. Because that’s not a look of sadistic “omg, look how fucked up humans are” that’s like, enraptured and awed.

I’m not sure how to digest this side of Sebs

Much as he seems to dislike humans for their selfishness, greed, willingness to tear down others, etc. he’s always had a fascination with us.

If you take his commentary on humans throughout the whole manga and condense it he kind of comes off as some sort of world-weary anthropologist.

He’s been impressed with human ingenuity before, it’s just usually been overshadowed by the fact that it’s all been things used exclusively to hurt other people, this time the technology could be used for anything. Not to say that he’s secretly some compassionate soul, he’s clearly not. He probably just thinks we’re stupid for destroying members of our own species as that’s not exactly the best means for survival.

Just because he doesn’t really like humans doesn’t mean he can’t be fascinated by our cool tricks. Just give him a hundred years and wait until he discovers that we’re the same species that invented things like cat shelters, and in Japan, cat cafes.

Oh my god, he would never leave the cat cafes. He would think humans are the best thing ever for creating such a thing.


Ah I didn’t think this one would have so much favs in my Deviantart… I think I’ll continue to draw more DMMD fanarts, it just makes me happy =).


Ah I didn’t think this one would have so much favs in my Deviantart…

I think I’ll continue to draw more DMMD fanarts, it just makes me happy =).


I decline all the annoyingly incomplete applications, but the piles of problems waiting for me are extremely unpleasant. - William T. Spears

Okay but seriously is this bit of dialogue from the show and I just can’t remember, or is it from something else?


So, here’s a thing that popped into my head.

We call young girls ‘young ladies’, right?

Why don’t we call young males ‘young lord’? I know that we say ‘young man’, but that’s not very proportional to the term ‘lady’. Lady and lord are different gendered versions of the same title/word/thing.  The same with young man/woman, young master/mistress, etc.

Why is calling a boy ‘young lord’ not a thing that is happening?

Lady doesn’t always equal nobility, just upper-class, whereas Lord is reserved specifically for someone with a title, I think. So it would be more like “young sir”, I think.

(If anyone else knows otherwise, please chime in! *too groggy to properly research*)